MIGUA offers the perfect solution for any surface. And with five brands and a total of over 600 proven expansion joint systems, we’ve got the diverse structural needs of today’s construction projects covered.
  • Migutrans


    Heavy-duty solid steel joint solutions for large traffic loads. Luxalon Linear metal ceiling systems highlight versatility, allowing a variety of innovative interior and exterior visual effects.
  • Migutec


    Joint Covers for Expansion Joints. MIGUTEC joint systems featuring ultra-smooth surfaces meet the most stringent hygiene standards, making them the ideal choice for hospitals around the world.
  • Migupren


    Expansion Strips to Seal Joints with Three-Dimensional Movement. Watertight expansion jointing system and sealing strips for flat roofs and covered areas for sealing against non-pressurized water.
  • Migutan


    Watertight Expansion Joint Systems. For bituminous layers, coatings, liquid sealants, and installation in concrete: Permanent Watertight, Trafficable and Robust.
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