Kotobuki has been creating valued chairs for almost 100 years since their establishment in 1994. To this end, safety and quality are indispensable specially when the need for a reliable chair is universal.
  • Auditorium & Theater

    Auditorium & Theater

    Cultural facilities should be a place where you are able to spend comfortable time while enjoying concerts and plays, etc. With high-grade furniture and layout planning, we will support creation of an environment pursuing undisturbed comfort.
  • Education & Lecture Theater

    Education & Lecture Theater

    At KOTOBUKI, we respond to the changing needs in the education field by tapping its accumulated expertise. We keep helping create comfortable educational environments.
  • Sports


    Safety and Durability are absolute requirements for sporting facilities such as stadium and gymnasiums. Another indispensable factor is to ensure individual comfort throughout an event.
  • Assembly& Convention

    Assembly& Convention

    Kotobuki’s Desk and Chairs have long been a part of conference venues and these dignified and functional facilities. The company has developed mobile conference desks and chairs with higher functionality for multi-purpose conference venues.
  • Station & Airport

    Station & Airport

    Our Airport-Station Seating solutions are proven on every continent across the globe. We are the number one seating choice for an increasingly diverse range of markets, too, everything, from the multi-purpose seating to lecture, auditoriums and public seating areas.
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